By liaising carefully with Architects, Development Companies, Building Companies and Clients, we obtain sets of contract documents for building projects in the Auckland area when these are released for tender. We analyse each set of documents and identify relevant Job Details for our customers as early as possible within the tender period. Contract data is summarised under several headings that include:

  • Closing date of tender
  • Proposed construction time
  • List of Main Contractors tendering
  • Full set of tender documents
  • Description of the contract
  • Proposed start date
  • Other contractual data

We will let you know when we see your trade in a job.  All documentation is available on our website for our customers to view and download if required. There is no additional fee for the downloading of documents.

A Weekly Report will be forwarded to you at no additional cost each Thursday evening. This summarises all projects currently available through us, and also advises which builders were successful with recently tendered contracts.


A monthly fee of $200.00 +GST applies.

A monthly statement will be forwarded to you by e-mail at the end of each month. Payment is required by the 20th of the month following.

Any debt collection charges will be added to your account, and will be payable by you.


  • Prompt advice of contracts currently out for tender.
  • A "one stop" facility for viewing tender documents.
  • The list of main contractors pricing the job.
  • Where possible, we will advise you who the successful Main Contractor is.